mookupWe are finally glad to announce CloudConvert for iOS! We spent a lot of effort to bring CloudConvert on the iOS platform – and now it is done! The universal app for both iPhone and iPad offers all functionality you are used to from the CloudConvert webinterface. Also, the web integrates into iOS to export and import any file from other apps. Of course, we support Dropbox and Google Drive as storage.

Mobile iOS devices are already established productivity devices for the daily use. There are a lot of professional apps out there that support you. We strongly believe CloudConvert is an additional helper for productivity on iOS devices.

The CloudConvert app requires iOS 7.0 or higher and is available now. If you like it (or not) we are thankful for every review!



7 thoughts on “CloudConvert for iOS

  1. This project is absolutely nice! Try adding the apple banner to the website so people can download it directly 🙂

  2. Great job guys!! I used the webinterface allot and it’s work fast, easy and great!!
    This is good news for the ios commenuity..

    Like MrAtiebatie sayed try to adding the download banner that makes it compleet.

    Rowdy Klijnsmit

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  5. an issue i have discovered that i cant seem to rectify with converting video files with multiple languages is selecting a regional default, eg the video has Hindi, Spanish and English but will always keep Hindi as the audio track rather than my preferred language English, is there any way that this could be sorted so that we can select our own audio track for the end product


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